Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


Ceiling fans can provide substantial savings on energy. Using about the same electricity as a 100-Watt light bulb, you can run one for just pennies a day. In mild weather, ceiling fans offer a low-cost alternative to air conditioning. Used in conjunction with air conditioning in hot weather, ceiling fans can help keep your family comfortable and your utility bills low.
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In normal operating mode, the blades of a turning ceiling fan push air downward, creating a wind chill effect that can make the room feel cooler by four degrees or more. That means if you’re using air conditioning along with your fan, you can set the thermostat at a higher than normal setting to save on energy. The ceiling fan doesn’t actually change the temperature of the air in the room, but you can use less energy for air-conditioning and maintain the same level of comfort by using a fan properly.

The same cooling effect caused by blowing air currents keeps many people from using their ceiling fans in winter. But most fans, and all high-efficiency models, have a switch on the motor housing that changes the direction of the blades. Instead of forcing air downward, the blades will push air up toward the ceiling, where hot air normally rises, and drive it back down around the edges of the room. This circulates warm air to occupied areas of the room, maintaining a comfortable temperature, even when the heat is turned down by several degrees to save on heating bills.

Ceiling fans can help solve other cold weather problems as well. For example, some two-story houses have open stairways. Since heat rises, the upstairs can get hot, while the downstairs — where the thermostat normally is — can stay cold. As a result, the furnace can run more often and heating is uneven. But, mounting a ceiling fan at the top of the stairway will mix the air more evenly, making the house much more comfortable and cutting down on heating costs.

Energy efficient ceiling fans can improve your home or office energy efficiency and improve your overall comfort. They will help keep you cool as the summertime heats up. Energy efficient ceiling fans cost less to run than air conditioners and use less energy. In addition, they come in many styles and are eye-catching.

What many people don’t consider is that installing a ceiling fan that can change direction also pays off in the wintertime as you can use the fan to push the warm air to the living space for greater comfort and lower energy consumption. Since hot air rises you can use the fan to gently push the warmer air back down to floor level.

In addition to an energy efficient ceiling fan, you can buy lighting kits that can improve your old fan and upgrade its energy efficiency. Instead of purchasing new fans you can retrofit your old ones. However, if you want to change the look of your home and overall comfort, invest in energy efficient fans with the Energy Star label for the most energy efficiency. any of MT.Edma modern ceiling fan will improve energy efficiency and improve your comfort level.

Savings can be up to one twentieth of the operating cost of a room air conditioner and even greater compared to centralized air. Even on the hottest of days, a ceiling fan will allow you to cut back your air conditioning requirements saving you money…and don’t forget, it works in reverse in winter to move the hot air above you down to your living level. A fan also circulates the air removing potential cold or hot spots in your room, thereby improving your home comfort as well.

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